Inspirations: Claire Passlow, Surf Coast Toy Library

After living away from Torquay for two years, Claire Passlow was looking for a way to reconnect with local families. The mother of two came to the right place when she joined Surf Coast Toy Library, signing up as a committee member soon after.

“It is lovely to get to know some familiar faces and when I’m on duty seeing the regular toy library attendees when they come in to return and borrow,” Claire says, adding that the drink and chat – aka committee meeting – each term is another fun part of her duties.

Surf Coast Toy Library opens each Tuesday and Saturday mornings from 9:30-11am, with members able to borrow from an astonishing range of toys.

“Playing is so important to children. It’s how they learn. My kids love going to Toy Library when I’m ‘the counter’ (on duty) because they get to spend time exploring they toys and playing with whatever they like,” Claire says.

“They often choose to take home toys I’d never think to choose for them. I love seeing other kids come in with their parents. For them it’s like going to a toy shop but they can take home whatever they want.”

Thank you to Claire and the other volunteers who stepped up to fill the key positions at this week’s AGM. And also to the rostered volunteers who run the borrowing sessions each week. Claire says the committee still needs a few extra worker bees to help spread the load.

“Our volunteers provide a valuable service because without them Toy Library wouldn’t function,” Claire says.

Among the Toy Library’s vision is to possibly open a branch at the new Hub in Torquay North as well as expanding the toy collection for its growing membership.

For more info about this community resource, find Surf Coast Toy Library on Facebook.

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