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Sow & Reap – wins and losses of August

After a pathetic winter in which almost everything I planted died, the onset of spring – and the purchase of a small greenhouse – has laid a firecracker beneath me.

In its first week, the greenhouse tipped over during a windy spell. Considering everything in it was already dead, it was not too upsetting.

Once I’d secured the greenhouse frame with multiple tent pegs and weighed down the lower shelf with pavers, I embarked on a two-hour seed-sowing spree.

And so, with 43 different varieties of fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers now zipped inside their cosy little hot house, I bloody well hope those tent pegs hold!


We’re still on the home-grown garlic, although getting down to the smaller heads now. I am a bit concerned that I have not planted enough this season to get us through next year.

Garden roquette with homemade sauerkraut and bread

Roquette, silverbeet, spinach and cos lettuce keep on giving. I did forget about them for several weeks, resulting in a desperate picking session to prevent them going to seed too soon. This walnut and roquette pesto proved a delicious way to use up the glut. Just add penne and parmesan for a quick weekday meal.

A couple of bean seeds planted last month have survived errant chook attacks and made it to a couple of inches so far.

In the main bed – scene of previous ant and slater devastation – it looks like some kale, spinach and mizuna might actually make it.

First season of asparagus.

I have been very excited to see thick asparagus stalks pushing through the soil and loads of broadbean plants coming up out of the compost. Whether they’ll be productive remains to be seen.

With so little to lose in the open gardens, the chooks have been set free each day to forage and play. The payoff has been a continued supply of  gorgeous eggs.

“You distract her, I’ll hit the vegie patch.”


Oh so many. Pre-greenhouse, my punnets sat on an outdoor table protected from the elements by the veranda. However, it came to my attention this month that birds have been helping themselves to the seeds. The dog is useless in chasing them away as she’s been too busy dropping regular nuggets in what I had hoped to make the herb garden. So much for that idea.


After brushing aside my winter negativity I have possibly gone a little far in the other direction.

I made my first foray into bare-rooted fruit trees and love inspecting them regularly for any sign of life. If they don’t drown in all the rain that’s hit since I planted them, the next couple of years will hopefully see us flush in nectarines, plums, cherries, apricots, almonds and peaches.

The greenhouse restocked for spring.

Meanwhile, the toasty security blanket of the greenhouse has me feeling like anything’s possible. And so I have planted seeds for:

Fruit & VegetablesHerbsFlowers
Butternut pumpkin
Wild sweetie tomato
Jaune Flaume tomato
Lollo lettuce
Brown onion
Red onion
Spring onion
Great Lakes lettuce
Lemon balm
Sweet basil
Thai basil
English primrose
Sweet pea
German chamomile

I have even planted some saved seeds from pomegranate and dragon fruit, which is further evidence of how pumped I am for spring. Or delusional.

And as controversial as it may be, I have opted to plant nothing directly in the garden aside from a few three-colour bean mix seeds and potatoes. After so much failure I have reverted to helicopter gardening.

Please let it work!

How’s your harvest been this month and what are you planting? Do you plant seeds directly in the garden or start them out in a greenhouse?



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