About Tanya Hollis

Helping inspire hearts, minds and actions through cost-effective social impact communications.

Stories for a kinder world

As a communicator who informs, persuades, & promotes, I have a choice.

I choose to look beyond the ability of words to trigger a conversion or transaction. To look also at their potential to reframe thinking and build momentum towards positive change.

Sounds like a hefty weight for a mere copywriter.

Lucky for me, there are incredible organisations like yours. I see you there, quietly working away to build a kinder, more equitable society.

My job is to bring you into the spotlight, and amplify your mission through considered and respectful language.

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‘Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not’

The Lorax, Dr Seuss

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Power of words

A simple love of writing led me to a career in communications. But it was working first in a daily metropolitan newsroom, then with health promotion and not-for-profit organisations that helped me appreciate the power of words.

Ally in communication

I met advocates speaking out against current language choices. Language around disability, Indigenous peoples and history, gender, sexuality, mental health and age. I listened, learned and began to understand the serious, and often permanent, pain and damage that carelessly used words are causing.

It was time to apply my skills as a communications ally.

Listening and learning

My work supports individuals and organisations who wish to stand in solidarity with marginalised members of our community.

But the learning never stops. Language is alive and evolving. I pledge to keep on listening and learning, and invite you to join me.

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Storytelling that demands sensitivity

Sharing stories is an important way of building understanding and inclusion. But they can also leave the storyteller exposed and vulnerable.

In a world that is not always friendly towards difference, impact stories must walk a delicate balance.

When you need nuanced stories uncovered and told, know that I provide the gentle and sensitive approach they demand.

Communication tools to support your social impact goals

Journalism finds and tells your stories in an engaging and compelling way.

Public relations sings your praises in all the right directions.

SEO copywriting helps your humans find you in search engine results.

Content marketing neatly and cost-effectively connects your stories to your mission and business goals.

Inclusive language and WCAG awareness ensure you respect your communities’ needs and expectations.

Tanya’s keen sense of the humanity within projects meant her perspectives and insights on language choice were sought out frequently during strategic and marketing planning.
Michelle Wearing-Smith

Head of Marketing Communications, Murdoch Children's Research Institute