Cost-effective content planning

Measurable, realistic and affordable content programs to promote your impact, build awareness and attract your people.

Hello content. Meet strategy.

Content creation is essential to get noticed in our digital world. But it can be a hungry beast.

Search engines, social media channels and email marketing demand regular feeding, and it’s easy to feel you’re always running and barely moving.

Level up with cost-effective content planning that delivers strategic intent and value to your communities. A realistic program that stretches your content further.

Illustration shows a person holds an oversized pencil. They are standing in front of a large lightbulb.

How your strategic content program comes together

Illustration of lightbulb with a pencil as its base. It is writing in the sky with clouds behind it.


Determine your objectives

Do you want to increase brand awareness, drive visitors to your website or increase sign-ups to a particular service? Perhaps your priority is to attract volunteers and donors.
Decide what is most important right now and why? 


Define your audience

Think about who you want to reach. What would you like them to know or do? We’ll work together to understand the type of information they need and how you can provide it.


Select your channels

Where does your audience get their information? Do they have a preferred social media hangout? Maybe they prefer email or mainstream media.
We’ll also look at whether paid ads could support your organic campaigns.


What does your audience want?

Customer research and brainstorming reveal the type of information your audiences seek. We will plan content that helps them solve problems, provides value, and builds trust and loyalty.


Identify helpful partners and networks

Who can help amplify your content? We’ll look to your existing networks, as well as draw on relevant media and influencer opportunities to spread the word.


Weave it into a strategy

I craft a road map, enabling you to visualise the direction, intention, and tools to be used. The content strategy explains what will be created, and how best to use it for efficient and cost-effective impact.


Create a granular plan of action

The nitty gritty of what to do and when, as well as benchmarks and indicators to track your results. The content action plan will include a sample one month content schedule to get you started.


Discuss, adjust and proceed

The strategic content program comes to you for feedback. With your input, I adjust the plan and hand it off to your organisation, ready to go.

At this stage, your planned content program is complete. You can implement the tasks within your organisation, or outsource some or all of it to me. As always, I’m here to help.