SEO-friendly website writing for social causes

Optimised web content to make humans feel and search engines swoon.
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Boost your organic search results

Crafting content to please search engines and humans begins before you write a single word.

I’ll plan and set up your web pages and blog posts with SEO front of mind for your best chance of climbing the organic search results.

Top organic search results rarely happen overnight. Rather, they result from careful work behind the curtains of your website, research into the search terms people use, and thoughtfully crafted web copy.

No magic wand. Just realistic, sensible, hardworking SEO-friendly website writing.

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Web pages with more muscle than bounce

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Search engines want people to have a helpful user experience.

Offer reliable and relevant content in an easy-to-read format and your pages will reap the ranking rewards. Add clear navigation for another big tick. Make sure your pages work equally well on a mobile phone and you’re on a winning path.

When you provide valuable content that meets people’s search needs and keeps them on your site, it shows that your content delivers. Great for your visitors, for your search ranking and for your web traffic.

Blogs that offer endless value

You’ve heard how blogs can improve your search results, right?

Well, did you know all the other things a well-researched, beautifully written, search engine optimised blog can achieve?

  • generate dozens of social media posts
  • create free publicity opportunities
  • provide editorial material for advertising features
  • supply content for your internal and external newsletters
  • build your authority as a trusted thought leader
  • provide answers to your audience’s search queries
  • entice quality sites to link to yours (big search engine kudos)
  • serve as lead generators
  • provide content for your own or other podcasts
  • offer material for video content

Cost-effective, helpful and good for rankings. That’s a lot to like.

Add journalism and public relations to the SEO cocktail

Journalism: helpful and authoritative

Together with proper SEO structure, credible, authoritative and fact-checked content does better. Google prioritises reliable and helpful content in its organic search results. So scraping information from the interwebs and weaving it together with opinion won’t cut it.

In an online world rife with fake news and misleading information, trustworthy and helpful content is vital for your brand. A journalist knows how to do that.

More benefits of a journalistic approach

  • respect for deadlines
  • solid interviewing skills
  • efficient information collection
  • adaptability to writing styles and tone of voice
  • understanding of story structure
  • ability to write quick, clean and accurate copy to brief
  • knowledge of working newsrooms

PR: targeted outreach and profile-raising

Don’t lay your optimised content at the altar of the search engine gods and pray. Turn up the publicity dial.

Google ranks content valued by its users. It wants to see authentic links from quality sites to yours. Sharing your content in the right places is a great way to do that.

A PR professional can find and make opportunities to shine a spotlight on what you have to say.

More benefits of a PR approach

  • established media networks
  • understanding of brand values
  • ability to predict and plan for reputational risks
  • targeted messages for different audiences
  • a focus on highly-valued earned media
  • builds authenticity and long-term relationships
  • working knowledge of mainstream media and social media influencers

Build SEO-friendly content into your foundations

Once you’ve done all the hard work, keep staff, volunteers, and spokespeople on the same page.
Communicate your organisation’s values accurately and consistently with customised guidelines.

  • General style guides
  • Inclusive language guidelines
  • Accessible publication guidelines
  • Process documents
  • Accessible web content guides 
  • Document templates

I can also set up your Google Business profile, craft social platform About pages, write LinkedIn articles, newsletters and more.

Just ask. I like to be helpful.

Tanya’s knowledge, skills and attention to detail ensure media opportunities are risk-averse; they run smooth and generate maximum exposure.
Julie Lawrence

Assistant Director, Media, National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA)